ARCA Government Services, formerly Expat Government Services, manages the US Government programs for Ace Relocation. The GSA CHAMP/ITGBL program provides an annual tender of service for the relocation of US Government non-military employees. Operating under the Ace Relocation SCAC (ARCA), ARCA Government Services coordinates relocations for US Government employees worldwide. Our strong relationships with vendors worldwide allow us to offer the best value while providing a high level of service for our government customers. ARCA Government Services is a division of ARCA International.


Our staff has a combined 40 years of experience handling US Government shipments and has coordinated and managed shipments on every continent in the world. We are proud to have a staff with an uncommon level of integrity, experience, and passion to serve our customers.

Danny Gallinat
301-867-0448 202-740-0053
Chris Hood
301-867-0376 401-265-9975
Gabrielle Imbeault
301-867-0382 401-439-4648
Erika Smartlowit
301-867-0389 910-382-6486
Ashlyn O'Leary
(301) 867-0388 (401) 206-8711
Oriana Leal
(301) 867-0472