ARCA Government Services

ARCA Government Services oversees Ace Relocation’s management of US Government programs. The GSA CHAMP/ITGBL initiative offers yearly service tenders for relocating non-military US Government personnel. Functioning under the Ace Relocation SCAC (ARCA), ARCA Government Services facilitates relocations for US Government employees globally. Leveraging robust vendor connections worldwide, we ensure optimal value and top-tier service for our government clientele.

With over four decades of experience, we have successfully coordinated moves for various branches of the military, federal government agencies, and other operations. Among our primary services is managing the relocation of federal government personnel, leveraging our nationwide facilities to ensure a smooth and secure transition.

CHAMP Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS)

Ace Relocation Systems is an authorized participant in the General Services Administration’s Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP), and ARCA Government Services administers these services on behalf of Ace Relocation Systems. This program offers federal civilian agencies a streamlined and cost-effective solution for relocating employees between official duty stations.

To ensure safety and efficiency of your move, the entire transportation process is managed by an online system called Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS). TMSS provides a suite of services and advanced management tools that promote efficiency during shipment creation, planning, tendering, execution, and reporting. By utilizing this system during your move, we promise an effective and efficient move.